About Anima Morte

Reviving instrumental horror music since 2004!

Teddy Möller | Fredrik Klingwall | Stefan Granberg | Daniel Cannerfelt

“Quite frankly, there aren’t enough horror bands out there making this kind of forward-thinking music.”

– Rue Morgue

“The music is brilliantly retro but intoxicatingly modern. Arrangements are near genius, and the production is stellar thereby enhancing the suggestion of supernatural homicide. The mix is robust in that it gives all the instruments their cohesive space. But best of all is the fact that Anima Morte is band whose music is layered with enough complexity that it never grows tiresome to hear.”

– Unholycult.com

“Utilizing varied instrumentation (guitars, drums, bass, synth, piano, Hammond B3 Organ) and layered, dynamic structures, Anima Morte’s songcraft is epic and mature, with endless twists and turns to blissfully drug its listener. I found myself constantly wondering where the band was going to go next, only to be wondrously and pleasantly suprised each and every time.”

– Metal Maniacs

“If you groove on giallo, space out to progressive rock, or just dig old-school electronic instrumental atmospheres, this CD is a must-have for your collection.”

– FEARnet